I highly recommend «Astana Success Building Group» (ASBG)» LLP as a provider of language tution services. Our company has been cooperating with the school for five years. ASBG has been providing our staff with the both English and Kazakh courses. The school has offered a variety of teaching programs for General and Business English. The techers have been training the students at different levels from Begginer to Advanced.The teachers are flexible and creative since the syllabus is developed and tailored according to the needs and skills of a particular group of students. A wide variety of materials is used in lessons such as traing videos and authentic feature films, popular and classical songs, role-plays and games focused on vocabulary acquisition and communication. I would also like to thank the management team for the flawless quality of services they render. I recommend ASBG without reservation. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Zhanat Abilhatiyeva Senior Learning & Development Advisor Caspi Meruerty Operating Company B.V.

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